Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh my, I am not too sure what I was thinking when I launched my, primarily Magnolia blog, with a Bildmalarna stamp!! We will call it a "senior moment" filled with excited bliss.

Here is a Maggie birthday card I made for a member of the Yahoo Magnolia-licious Group. She was purchased at the MAGNOLIA-licious website.


  1. Hi Karen...this card is darling too!! I have those senior moments alot these days!! hahaha. I love the colors you chose for this little b-day card. This is one of the few Tildas I do NOT own...she's adorable...and you've done a lovely job coloring her. But, darn, I don't suppose you'll be sending her to b-day isn't until Aug!! Beautiful job...and beautiful blog!! Pat Frank

  2. Congrats on your new Blog...I know that you will
    have fun.I have my fair share of Senior moments
    LOL Big time.
    I love your card.. Lucky person to be getting such a beautiful card.

    Linda W.

  3. I like your new blog, nice touch with the clouds, this looks great, are you sure it's your first, it's really well done. Congrats.

  4. I like your blog! And I really like your Tilda. You did a great job coloring her.
    Kathy Gerace

  5. This is a darling card and beautifully colored! Now you have two cards up on your new blog and it's looking wonderful! Way to go...hugs...Barb

  6. I was the super lucky recipient of this lovely card :) It is really really adorable...Thank you so so much Karen for making my birthday that bit more special...